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Stone Hedge.

Worship Resources Packet

While the Worship Resources Packet is a benefit to ministers, it is primarily designed to support lay members in creating and presenting quality worship services whether in a lay-led congregation or congregations with a minister where lay led services are common.

The packet (30 to 50 pages long in a Word format) has 5 to 10 selections of material in each of twelve sections, all of which are thematically based. There is enough material to create and present two services on the theme. Materials come from the UUA’s Worship Web, our UU hymnals, UU and non-UU websites, and books and magazines.

The sections are:

  1. Opening Words

  2. Chalice Lightings

  3. Hymns,  Popular Music, and Choral Music

  4. Stories & Illustrations

  5. Meditations

  6. Prayers

  7. Responsive Readings

  8. Readings

  9. Extinguishing the Chalice

  10. Closing Words

  11. Excerpts of sermons with links to the full text

  12. Readings from the Common Bowl

Stone Hedge, photo by m-a-c, December 19, 2009, (CC BY 2.0),

“Worship” comes from the

Old English word “weorthscipe.”

It means to consider things of worth.

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