Lifespan Education as a Spiritual Practice

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker writes, "For us, education is a core spiritual discipline. To be engaged in processes of learning that bring forth all that is within us is to be growing a soul...."


The Touchstones REACH (i.e., Religious Education Arts Clearing House) Packet is a packet that contains extensive lifespan RE resources to facilitate in-depth exploration of the monthly theme by all ages: children, youth & adults. The packet is in a Word Format and varies in length from 25 to 40 pages based on the theme. It is distributed by email 60 days in advance to permit ample time for planning.


The content areas for each packet will include:

  • Pins (images with quotes)

  • Children’s Homilies

  • Wisdom Stories

  • Children’s Books

  • Curricula

  • Theme-based Activities

  • Lifespan theme-based materials from Tapestry of Faith

  • Articles for discussion

  • Ideas for journaling

  • Spiritual Practices

  • Meditations on the theme

  • Videos that explore the theme

  • Books for Adults

  • Background articles

While a lot of the materials are text-based,  videos, films, and music are also included whenever possible.

Stone Child, photo by Emertz76, September 1, 2012, (CC BY 2.0),

Give us the spirit of a child.

Stone garden statute of a child with a hat.