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The Louvre Pyramid.

A Process for Going Deeper

Build it, and they will come.

Pyramid of Deepening.

A Pyramid of Deepening

The base of the pyramid is the journal, which is emailed to all members and friends to introduce the theme. Deepening exploration of the theme happens through worship, lifespan RE experiences, and small group discussions. This “whole-church” approach creates a synergy that can be very enriching.

As the Pyramid illustrates, the materials developed each month seek to involve everyone in the congregation in the exploration of the monthly theme in multiple ways to deepen understanding, promote theological reflection, and incorporate learnings/insights into daily life.

The saying, "build it, and they will come," is often focused on bricks & mortar, but for congregations it refers to ministries and programs. 


The Pyramid rests on a foundation of outreach into the community. Touchstones provides a monthly social media plan for use with your website, Facebook page, and email list to engage your congregation, and to provide a ministry to the wider community using the themes. In addition, the Faith in Action Packet offers a range of activities and programs for consideration. The combination of a robust on-line presence combined with these activities and programs held at your congregation or at other community locations is a powerful approach to outreach.

Photo Credit: Night view of the Lourve pyramid, photo by Shawn Chin, March 7, 2007, (CC BY-SA 2.0),

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