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The Rosetta stone.

The Program

Let us help you crack the code.

While the Touchstones Project is organized thematically, the scope of materials offered seeks to support robust implementation vertically and horizontally within and beyond the congregation. The vertical dimension supports the multi-generational reality of a congregation through comprehensive lifespan resources. The horizontal dimension seeks to involve members, families, children, youth, and newcomers, in worship, religious education, small group ministry, and other programs and activities, while reaching out into the community. The elements of this Theme-Based Ministry Project consist of 

  1. Touchstones Journal, a high-quality, 8-page publication you email to all members and friends of your congregation at the beginning of the month to introduce the theme.

  2. Worship Resource Packet, a 30 to 50 page Word document with diverse selections in 12 areas to design at least two complete worship services. While this is used by ministers, it is especially valuable to lay members seeking to develop and lead a high-quality worship service.

  3. REACH Packet, a 50 to 80+ page Word document that provides extensive lifespan RE resources in 10 areas for children, youth & adults.

  4. Two Small Group Discussion Guides: The first focuses on the monthly theme, while the second connects the monthly theme to the annual theme.

  5. Faith In Action Packet offers suggestions for activities and events to explore the theme with the congregation and with participants from the wider community the congregation serves.

  6. Monthly Social Media Plan to share engaging materials related to the theme including Netcards, etc.

  7. Netcards are an "internet postcard" that combine a thoughtful quote and an engaging photograph with 31 provided each month.

  8. Free support to assist implementation.

Rosetta stone, photo by Johnny Ainsworth, November 1, 2013, (CC BY .2.0)

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