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A small opening in a wall made of stones.

The Challenge Congregations Face

Is there daylight ahead?

The New Landscape

Despite growing hunger for spiritual exploration and connection with community, the landscape for religion in America has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with declines in church attendance, membership, and giving. Unitarian Universalist congregations have not been immune from these trends. 


Evangelical author Bruce McLaren has said that Unitarian Universalism is well positioned to adapt to these changing circumstances. Having done, he says, a good job in deconstructing faith, a necessary process to allow something new and vital to emerge, he suggests that we now need to construct a faith that is meaningful to people in these times, people who have an abiding need for authentic community and spiritual sustenance. Through extensive resources to explore monthly themes, this theme-based ministry program helps Unitarian Universalist congregations construct a clear, supportive, and effective religious experience.

Photo Credit: Stone, photo by mstar mstar, October 26, 2013, (CC BY 2.0),

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