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A sculpture of stones forming an arch overlooking the ocean.

Whole-Church: Because Everyone Matters

The whole is greater than

the sum of the parts.

Theme-Based Ministry supports a whole-church approach that works to weave strong connections among different groups, across the generations, and with the community in which the congregation is located. It

  • Uses an annual theme to weave monthly themes together;

  • Uses a monthly theme to connect worship and lifespan religious education in deep and creative ways;

  • Helps engage children, youth, and adults regardless of the level of involvement or attendance pattern;

  • Addresses the developmental and faith-formation needs of all ages;

  • Affirms Unitarian Universalist principles, sources, and values;

  • Cultivates Unitarian Universalist identity and commitment;

  • Incorporates theological reflection, spiritual practice, and the work of justice within each theme;

  • Emphasizes spiritual maturity & resilience to help build community—most newcomers come seeking community;

  • Encourages engagement that transcends any program silos or cliques within the congregation;

  • Supports families as faith-formation centers;

  • Connects themes to activities to help put faith into action;

  • Helps newcomers better understand the value of what the congregation offers, which invites and supports membership.

Photo Credit: Stone Ring by Still Water, Eric Kilby, 8/25/2015, (CC BY-SA 2.0),

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