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Ancient stone fragment with Latin engraving.

Not etched in stone, but still compelling.

What People Are Saying

Maggie Yenoki,

Consulting Minister

Your product is spectacular.

Maggie Yenoki

Lois Reborne,

former Lay Leader

UU Fellowship

Emerging Congregation

West Plains, MO

UU Fellowship West Plains

Cheryl Brigante, Co-Chair, Worship Committee,

Unity Church of North Easton, Massachusetts

Cheryl Brigante
Rev. Kent Doss

Rev. Kent Doss, Minister

Tapestry, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Mission Viejo, CA

At Tapestry, we have used the materials from Touchstones for about four years. The discussion guide helps to seamlessly bring the worship theme into our small group ministry efforts, and the worship materials are invaluable to our worship team on the Sundays when I am not preaching.

So far the services have been great. I am delighted by the depth of the study and conversations among the service teams. And even people who haven't prepared a service are coming in with stories to tell about how new insights or direct use of something they learned.

Northern Idaho UUs

Northern Idaho Unitarian Universalist Church

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Our congregation is very small and many are elderly and not on the computer much it seems. However, I do know that many in our congregation have expressed great satisfaction with the Touchstone services and the material. Many have commented on being inspired after reading the material. Personally, I have been so inspired as to write my own reflections for a Touchstone service. The Touchstone materials are wonderful!

We have been using Touchstones for 4 years. When our Coordinator of Ministry or guest ministers are not preaching, our Lay Leaders lead the services. One week our minister was ill and could not preach. I found out on Wednesday night and went right to Touchstones to find a sermon to read as well as a reading. The congregation was pleased with the sermon and the whole service. We also use a component of Touchstones for our monthly Covenant Group and we have enjoyed the topics.

Photo Credit: Latin Writing on the Wall, photo by rabiem22, January 26, 2005, (CC BY 2.0),

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