Stepping stones stretching across water.

A New Way of Doing Church

We have the stepping stones you need. 

Maria Harris, in her 1989 book, Fashion Me A People, wrote about the curriculum of community. In many ways, the Touchstones themes are a means of creating a curriculum of community. The word “curriculum” means a “course to be run.” The thematic materials help shape the “course” that the congregation “runs.” The Touchstones Project includes the following:

  1. Touchstones Journal, a high-quality, 8-page publication you email to all members and friends of your congregation at the beginning of the month to introduce the theme.

  2. Touchstones Worship Resources Packet, a 30 to 50 page Word document with diverse selections in 12 areas to design at least two complete worship services. While this is used by ministers, it is especially valuable to lay members seeking to develop and lead a high-quality worship service.

  3. Touchstones REACH Packet, a 25 to 40 page Word document that provides extensive lifespan RE resources in 14 areas for children, youth & adults.

  4. Touchstones Small Group Discussion Guides: The first focuses on the monthly theme, while the second connects the monthly theme to the annual theme.

  5. Touchstones Faith In Action Packet offers suggestions for activities and events to explore the theme with the congregation and with participants from the wider community the congregation serves.

  6. Monthly Social Media Plan to share engaging materials related to the theme with the congregation and the wider community using our website, email list, facebook page, etc. 

  7. Daily Facebook Post @touchpossibility, our facebook page makes it easy to share the posts you like with your congregation.

  8. Themed Marketing Materials to support the social media plan including Explorations, Netcards, videos, and more.

  9. Free consultation to support implementation.


The Touchstones Project can make it possible for the congregation to “do the work of the church in the world” in compelling ways. Touchstones facilitates worship and lifespan program planning and implementation, deepens understandings of Unitarian Universalism, enriches a congregation’s sense of religious community, provides extensive resources to facilitate shared ministry, and encourages collaboration among staff and volunteers. Touchstones’ whole-church approach creates a synergy that can foster renewed vision as the congregation works to bring the congregation of tomorrow into being.

Photo Credit: Stepping stones, photo by youn-sik kim, February 24, 2014, (CC BY-ND 2.0),