Rev. Nancy Bowen
Rev. Kirk Loadman-Copeland

Our Commitment to You 



The Touchstones Project is committed to equipping and growing diverse Unitarian Universalist congregations. The co-editors, Rev. Nancy Bowen and Rev. Kirk Loadman-Copeland, each have more than 25 years of experience as Unitarian Universalist ministers.

Nancy’s work as a District Executive in two Districts and then as Regional Lead for the Pacific Western Region focused on equipping congregations by helping them develop the building blocks necessary for successful shared ministry. Her work included

  • Creating effective clusters of congregations;

  • Serving as Academic Dean of Russell Lockwood Leadership School;

  • Implementing the Leap of Faith program that matched congregations in a mentor-mentee collaboration in the Pacific Western Region;

  • Helping to launch UU University at General Assembly; and

  • Working to develop an in-care program for UU theological students at non-UU theological schools.


Kirk's ministry has included

  • Serving a mid-size congregation for 11 years in Pittsburgh;  

  • Serving a large congregation for 13 years in Denver, where, in 2008, he successfully developed and launched theme-based ministry;

  • Serving as a consultant to three small congregations over a period of 10 years in Pittsburgh;

  • Supervising eleven interns, serving as an adviser to three UU theological students, and helping launch an in-care program for UU theological students;

  • Serving on the faculty of the Russell Lockwood Leadership School in the Mountain Desert District, which provides intensive leadership training to lay leaders.

  • Teaching two graduate courses to UU theological students: UU History and UU Systematic Theology;

  • ​Serving on CENTER with the Anti-Racism portfolio, and chairing the planning committee for the UUMA Convo in Birmingham;

  • Serving on the UUA's Religious Education Credentialing Committee; 

  • Serving on the Board of the Midwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference;

  • Serving on the Board of PIIN, a faith-based community organizing group in Pittsburgh;

  • Writing grant proposals for various non-profit organizations with grants exceeding $1,000,000; and

  • Founding and helping to grow a K-8 charter school network over 10 years that grew to five schools serving over 3,000 students.