Ministry is All That We Do Together

It really does add up.

Shared Ministry Multiplies Impact

The Touchstones Project helps multiply the impact of the shared ministry of the congregation, minister, and staff by

  • Providing a congregation-wide focus through the annual and monthly themes.

  • Facilitating annual program planning and creative staff collaboration.

  • Providing extensive resources for worship, religious education for children and youth, small group ministry, adult programs, and community outreach.

  • Creating synergy between minister-led and lay-led Sunday services that focus on the theme.

  • Inviting engagement through a pyramid of deepening (see page three).

  • Involving more staff, volunteers, and voices in implementing themes in creative ways.

  • Recommending activities and events for exploring the themes with the wider community.

  • Making it easier for newcomers to get a sense of how the congregation “does church.”

  • Providing a “whole-church” experience with all ages exploring the same theme.

Photo Credit: Abacus, Photo by Chuck Chuck Chuck, June 6, 2007, (CC BY-ND 2.0),

A large abacus as a decorative wall divider.