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Large brass door lock with a skeleton key.

Connecting with the Community

A key to unlocking the door

to the wider community.

Thought Leadership

Increasingly organizations of all kinds are working to become thought leaders for the companies, people, or communities that they serve. As such, they become trusted sources who move and inspire people. The Touchstones' themes are a natural vehicle for the congregation to become a thought leader in the community. Because the Touchstones themes are nonsectarian, they appeal to diverse people, including the “spiritual but not religious, ” as well as the “NONES” who are convinced that no religious tradition could ever appeal to them. This is done by posting a mothly theme poster, the front cover of the journal, and 31 "netcards" on the themes.


Netcards (as jpegs) combine a beautiful photograph with a theme-based quotation for posting on a Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

Book Burning HRJ.jpg
Buddha HRJ.jpg

Poster for each monthly theme.

Circle of Life Theme Poster July 2022.jpg

Journal cover to invite subscriptions.

Touchstones Journal October 2022 Awe nf.jpg
Church HRJ.jpg
Flaws HRJ.jpg
Breath HRJ.jpg
Darkness HRJ.jpg
Gavel HRJ.jpg
Death of Democracy HRJ.jpg

open door policy, photo by frankieleon, July 12, 2012, (CC BY 2.0),

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