Large brass door lock with a skeleton key.

Connecting with the Community

A key to unlocking the door

to the wider community.

Thought Leadership

Increasingly organizations of all kinds are working to become thought leaders for the companies, people, or communities that they serve. As such, they become trusted sources who move and inspire people. The Touchstones' themes are a natural vehicle for the congregation to become a thought leader in the community. Because the Touchstones themes are nonsectarian, they appeal to diverse people, including the “spiritual but not religious, ” as well as the “NONES” who are convinced that no religious tradition could ever appeal to them. 

Faith in Action Packet

The Faith in Action Packet provides resources to act on the theme in meaningful ways within the congregation and the wider community. Such offerings can position the congregation as a vital “community center,” supporting membership outreach, as well as cultivating a strong and positive reputation in the community. Touchstones' Faith in Action can serve the needs of those in the community who want to participate in good works.

Social Media Plan

The monthly social media plan supports building visibility of the theme within the congregation, and, more importantly, building visibility of the congregation within the community in which it is located. Developed for use using the congregation's email list, website and facebook page, the social media plan consists of a calendar for sharing engaging materials (e.g., videos, Explorations, Netcards, and text, etc.). Following are examples of what Touchstones develops for sharing through social media. 

Poster with the themes for the year.

Touchstones poster for 2017-2018 themes.


Poster for each monthly theme.

Journal cover to invite subscriptions.

Monthly poster for theme Beauty.
Touchstones Journal cover page for Beauty.


Explorations (as pdf files) can be emailed to your email list and posted on your website to engage people within your congregation and in the wider community.

Explorations | Finding Beauty in Imperfection

open door policy, photo by frankieleon, July 12, 2012, (CC BY 2.0),

Netcards (as jpegs) combine a beautiful photograph with a theme-based quotation for posting on your Facebook page. 

Netcard Thoreau Dawn
Netcard Galsworthy the thought of beauty,
Netcard Ray Baughan offer love not wisdom.
Mortensen sharing 3 cups of tea.