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Piles of stones and a slege hammer to build a wall.

Explore Engaging Themes for 2022-2023

Tools and building blocks

you can use.

September      Awakening            Coming into awareness about life.

October           Awe                        Seeing life as sacred.

November      Remembrance      Memory allows us to reflect on experience and deepen meaning.

December       Joy                          The soul is here for its own joy.

January            Wintering              Valuing the fallow fields within and without.

February         Resilience              Learning to bend, not break.

March              Trust                       Establishing, growing, extending & restoring trust.

April                 Grief                       Healing the wounds of loss.

May                  Reconciliation      Making peace with self, others & with life.

June                  Ritual                     Making meaning of experience.

July                    Play                       Experiencing a lightness of being.

August              Activism                Living your values in service of justice.

Photo Credit: Hammer and stones, photo by Steven Taschuk, August 26, 2006, (CC BY 2.0),

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