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A Unitarian Universalist congregation can transform the people it serves, inspiring them to help transform the world. This requires an intentional, sustained, integrated, holistic process of deepening that informs, nurtures, and challenges.

Please note that the materials can easily be adapted for use by all liberal, progressive congregations.

Developed over eight years, the Touchstones Project has been dramatically expanded to make a meaningful difference in people's lives: those within your congregation and those who live in the community that your congregation serves.


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  September Theme

Reflections on

 Worth & Dignity



Through much of history, the value of the individual has been negligible. This has led to disastrous outcomes. Our assertion of the inherent worth and dignity of every person leads to a very different calculus in how we treat each other, including those with whom we strongly disagree, the stranger, and even our enemy. This assertion can evoke mutual respect and compassion.


Ask yourself:

a film about respect


Thoughtful exploration about respect, worth, and dignity. (3:22)

Video Link:

The Elements of Dignity

Joanna Smykowski

     …Dignity …is an intricate web of positivity that develops inside ourselves. It is something that we must be mindful of every single day.

     Dignity requires the following.

     Self-worth: Self-worth is a measure of how much we value ourselves. It requires understanding what makes us special, and why we matter.

     Self-esteem: Self-esteem is very closely related to self-worth. It stems from the attitudes, feelings, and opinions that we hold about ourselves. It is often the internal voice that tells us "you are …enough."

     Self-love: Self-love is the concept of loving yourself just as much as you love someone else. …Increasing our self-love requires us to put ourselves first sometimes. We must prioritize our well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally.

     Self-appreciation: …Appreciation is not just for others; we can show ourselves appreciation too. Anytime we do something that is successful or drives us forward, or when we simply do something that makes us feel good, it is important to take a few moments to thank ourselves for taking the opportunity to do that thing.

     Self-care: Self-care goes hand in hand with self-love, but it is the action step behind self-love. …Emotional and mental self-care can be achieved by practicing kindness with ourselves, doing meditation, or simply taking time to reflect on the great things in our life. …

     Self-confidence: Self-confidence is the idea that we can achieve whatever we set our hearts and minds to.


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Touchstones Themes 

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Annual theme for 2020-2021

Deepening Connections


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