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A Unitarian Universalist congregation can transform the people it serves, inspiring them to help transform the world. This requires an intentional, sustained, integrated, holistic process of deepening that informs, nurtures, and challenges.

Please note that the materials can easily be adapted for use by all liberal, progressive congregations.

Developed over eight years, the Touchstones Project has been dramatically expanded to make a meaningful difference in people's lives: those within your congregation and those who live in the community that your congregation serves.


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  April Theme

Reflections on

God / The Divine



“God is... / A three letter word, / Partner in profanity, / Companion of the sublime, / The deepest down / darkness in me, / The rainbow ..., / The mystery beyond all knowing / …The question as inescapable / as it is unanswerable, / …God is the theist’s joy, / The atheist’s foil, / The agnostic’s doubt. / God is a simple / deep dark / Light bright / up-tight, three letter word.”   Rev. Richard Gilbert


Interview with God

Richard Holdman

A creative way of sharing wisdom, whether divine or not. Consists of beautiful music and photos with the “interview” in text. (3:36)

Video Link:

The Value of Doubt to Faith

Irma Zaleski

     I once met a Korean Zen master who, after I had asked him some question I no longer remember, wagged his finger at me and said: “Thinking, thinking, thinking! Checking, checking, checking! No good! No good! Don’t know! Don’t know! Don’t I know!—That is your answer!” I don’t think I really understood then what the master meant, but I never forgot him or his “answer.” There was a joy in that meeting, a lightness of heart….

     It was only years later …that I was able to understand his words better, and to recognize how relevant they were for the …way to God.

     I realized that we should never attempt to solve our doubts in matters of faith by rational arguments or inner debates.

     …We must face our doubts, acknowledge them and simply let go of them. We shout “Don’t know!” …as a sign of our assurance that Truth is immeasurably bigger than all our thinking and checking….

     If …we practice “not-knowing,” doubt …may yet prove to be not an enemy of our faith, but its ally and friend. Struggle with doubt may help us to understand ever more clearly the limits of thought…: a powerful means of the “unknowing” that is the heart of faith.

     There is no greater danger to faith, to wisdom and to love than the presumption that we know it all: that we have understood it all, that there is nothing more to discover or learn. Doubt makes it very difficult for us to fall into such a presumption. It forces us to recognize how little we know.


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Touchstones Themes 

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Annual theme for 2019-2020

Building Beloved Community


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